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Diet Bite restaurant slogan states “where healthy becomes tasty” by making its dishes with fresh local ingredients. The array of healthy options available in our menu is the most balanced and simple recipes.

We care about your health and we want to share with our community the
Our experts and nutritionist work thoroughly to create the healthy alternative of
fast food and thanks to healthy eaters we always aim to innovate and expand in the
near future.


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You always meet my expectations, as you are one of the best restaurants I have ever dealt with
Mila Kunit

Our story

The idea for starting the company Diet Bite Restaurant LLC., originated in 2016. The company was founded and registered in Abu Dhabi in November, 2016 as a limited liability company. Over the long term, the company will expand its sales volume through the opening of other branches in the whole United Arab Emirates. The company founders believe that there is an opportunity for “healthy foods” due to the following reasons: Healthy food helps maintain a youthful appearance, which is becoming a social value. Healthy eating contributes to maintaining and promoting health and helps prevent chronic diseases. Healthy food may also be tasty and available.

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